5 ways to boost your Instagram followers

Instagram now has 700 million active users a month and counting which is a big audience your company needs to talk to. But how do you grow your followers and likes while creating the kind of compelling content that’ll make your business a must-follow brand which people love?

As part of our Life Meets Tech summer season, we invited social media expert Samantha Burgess, CEO and founder of Social Mouth, to talk us through her 5 simple steps for instantly boosting your Instagram appeal.

Without giving away all of her insider knowledge (you can contact Samantha here for consultations and masterclasses), here are 5 easy ways to give your account some sparkle.

1. Engage, engage, engage

"Instagram is so much more than just posting a picture and waiting for the likes to roll in. It's a two-way street; it's a community. The more you engage with your tribe, the more your community will grow,” explains Samantha. Spend at least 10 minutes a day interacting with your followers and people who don’t.

2. Think through your captions

It’s all in the planning - your caption should complement and enhance the picture. Think about what you want to write before you post using your words to reveal a fact and tell a story about your business.

3. Take good photos

This might sound obvious but take care in what photos you post. Turn on the grid on your camera phone, wipe your lens and use the lines to position your subject with care.

4. Keep posting

Instagram’s algorithm is something the company deliberately keeps under wraps. What you see on your feed could be based on all sorts of factors - the post’s popularity, your interaction with a particular account, its number of likes over a time period - but one thing Instagram is definitely fond of is regular posts - so keep posting at least once a day to keep your account visible and engaging.

5. Embrace the hashtag

You can and should use up to 30 hashtags (although it might be a good idea to hide them). Just make sure your hashtag is visible and do your research about what’s trending and what your followers are using.

For more information about Samantha and her training masterclasses and consultancy - click here.

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Photo by Brooke Lark

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