A tour of Fiona Grady’s vibrant artwork

Embracing colour and light and an ever-evolving artwork, Fiona Grady’s site-responsive Kaleidoscope (open until 31 August) is one of London’s must-see free exhibitions this summer. 

To explore Fiona’s work, Rosie Glenn - Broagdate’s art curator - took a tour of the exhibition’s spaces exploring how how they reference the design and construction of the buildings plus what to look out for in each of the displays. 

201 Bishopsgate
Making a start in 201 Bishopsgate (where the artworks showcased in the window gallery are Fiona’s initial ideas for her site-specific Exchange House window surface artwork), this is where you’ll find framed watercolours. 

Meticulously created in her studio, these are explorations into varying colour combinations while the plinth’s collages provide an insight into Fiona’s methods of vinyl layering. Within the main reception area, Fiona has presented a series of editioned works on paper, all of which relate to the movement of echoing and shifting shapes.

Broadgate Tower
Moving into the Broadgate Tower, the reception lobby houses a series of reflective laser-cut acrylic models; comprising triangular forms, these zesty working models are 3D representations of Fiona’s 2D designs.  

Upstairs, further editioned screenprints are on display, including Sunburst, the starting point for Fiona’s Broadgate exhibition. Featuring a series of right-angled patterns in energising pink and yellow tones, the emblems within this work can be seen throughout the accompanying L2 digital designs which are installed in a wall-long collage. 

Exchange House
Clearly linked to the building’s formidable criss-cross structure, Fiona’s monumental window artwork comprises in excess of 300 hand-cut triangular vinyl pieces. Layered in repeated patterns, the vibrant hues, including sunshine yellow, hot pink and sky blue, create a floating ribbon of horizontal colour which reflects, almost like a DNA double helix, across the building’s inner floor.  

Playful-and-yet-exact, the tessellating motifs echo and amplify the angles not only of Exchange House itself but also the surrounding architecture - the structures of which can be viewed through the colourful film.

Inspired? Add some colour and inspiration to your day... Kaleidoscope is presented over several locations at Broadgate: 
Visible from the surrounding walkways, Exchange House is presenting a largescale and site-specific artwork across the window elevations. The Broadgate Tower and 201 Bishopsgate are displaying a sequence of new works on paper alongside a series of models created in direct response to Broadgate.

To ensure ease of access on arrival please confirm your visit by email to Broadgate's art curator Rosie Glenn (rg@rosieglennfineart.co.uk).

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Fiona is also displaying at Flowers Gallery in nearby Shoreditch, where their exhibition Dialogues presents her screenprints alongside artworks by Tess Jaray, Bridget Riley and Carol Robertson. Visit fionagrady.co.uk

Photography by Dean Brannagan

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