Beany Green's winter menu is here

Beany Green have just launched their new winter hot food menu for 2018 with healthy Buddha Bowls... There are vegetarian and meat options available with a selection of rice, steamed greens, ragu and roasted/baked vegetables – so pop on by and find nourishing delights for the coldest of days. 

Lunch menu
Hot Buddha Bowls (£7.90 takeaway, £9.50 eat in)

Choose your protein:

  • Lemon and herb chicken
  • Tomato meatballs
  • Vegan Beany balls

All served with roasted sweet potato/greens/chickpea ragu/roasted aubergine/mixed grain rice/fermented jalopeno hot sauce
Plus soft poached egg for £1

Small salad box (£5.50 takeaway, £6.60 eat in)
1 salad (150g), 1 protein, 1 dip (exc, avo egg nest)

Large salad box (£8.80 takeaway, £10.60 eat in)
3 salads (450g), 2 proteins, 1 dip 

Protein box (£9.60 takeaway, £11.50 eat in)
1 salad (150g), 4 proteins, 1 dip

Wraps and sandwiches (£4.80+ takeaway, £5.70+ eat in)

Extra salad (£3 takeaway, £3.60 eat in)

Extra protein (£1.80 takeaway, £2.20 eat in)

Extra dip (£1.50 takeaway, 1.80 eat in)

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