Better the Balance, Better the art world

Taking inspiration from this year’s International Women’s Day campaign 'Better the Balance, Better the World', our Art Curator, Rosie Glenn, chatted with Broadgate artist, Marta Rogoyska about the impact of gender-balance on opportunities for women in the creative industries.  

Meeting with Marta at the artist’s London studio, Rosie began by asking her to consider the changes in attitude towards female artists throughout her career, which began at Art School in Leeds and London during the 1960s and 70s. “Looking back, my early art school peers played an integral role in today’s shift in perception of female artists. Without doubt, this post-war group led to an empowerment of women within the art world; there’s no question that this environment had been the strong domain of men, but the youthful generation started a forceful change, creating a place where the voices of female artists could be heard, and their creative talents appreciated - something which evolved over subsequent decades”.  

When asked about today’s gender-balance within the industry, Marta continues that “whilst parity is still not entirely equal, there is definitely a huge and ongoing improvement for women”, further commenting that, her twin daughters, who are connected with two major London institutions - The Royal Academy of Arts and The Courtauld Institute – and other young women “are reaping the benefit of this continuing shift, and are looking forward to a life-time of being taken seriously, making a living and having a significant voice within the art world.”     

For George's Sake, by Marta Rogoyska (1981)

Here at Broadgate, For George’s Sake, by Marta is on display in the lower ground lobby of 10 Exchange Square.  Originally created for the nursery of an English country house, the artwork’s abstract vision of a jungle expedition encourages the viewers’ inner childhood imagination to run free.  Why not escape the everyday and take a quick look next time you are passing by?  The artwork is clearly visible from the surrounding walkways and provides the perfect blast of warm colour for London’s early spring climate.

About Marta Rogoyska
Marta Rogoyska studied Fine Art at Leeds University, followed by Fine Art & Tapestry MA at London’s Royal College of Art and, as a result, her oeuvre combines both disciplines.  While her designs are strong and contemporary, her classical weaving technique is traditional and long-established.  Rogoyska has spent periods of extended study at Europe’s most celebrated tapestry houses in England, France, Poland and Germany, with pieces displayed in UK’s Craft Council and at the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto. She is now based in California.  Marta is represented in the UK by Petronilla Silver, whose Battersea Gallery showcases contemporary art and craft works.


Do you work at Broadgate and have a vested interest in gender-balanced working environments? We are hosting two events, with two inspirational women on Wednesday 6 March and Friday 8 March who will discuss the social and economic benefits of gender-balanced businesses, with the chance to meet other liked-minded people from across the Broadgate neighbourhood. Click here to find out more about Dr. Tia Kansara (6 March) and British Land's Cressida Curtis (8 March) and to register your attendance. 


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