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Change your life at the Broadgate Talks series

We know it's a tough time of year. It’s cold, you’re trying to be healthy… which is why we’ve created Broadgate Talks - a series of lunchtime events that will reinvigorate mind, body and soul in just 45 minutes. Book your place for free below - or simply turn up on the day. 

See below for the full Broadgate Talks series and simply click on a link to reserve your free place. 

Tech journalist Rowland Manthorpe on the future of virtual reality: 1.15pm-2pm, Thursday 23 February
Virtual reality has been described as "the next internet." It's also been called "the next 3D TV." So what's the truth? And how do we navigate between hype and cynicism when it comes to assessing claims of technological progress? Walk out of this talk knowing the current state of the technology, its likely next steps and possible future, and why if you're going to compare it to anything, it should be the CD-ROM.

Previous talks
Author Frances Wilson on how to be more creative: 1.15pm-2pm, Thursday 19 January

This talk will show you how to be more creative by unearthing your inner author and turning the spoken voice into written words.

Life coach Susanna Halonen on how to be happy and flourish at work: 1.15pm-2pm, Monday 23 January
Decades of positive psychology research have shown how your emotions, resilience and psychological habits affect your overall happiness and success. You will walk out of the talk knowing how to approach your life and career from a more positive, proactive, solution angle, increasing your happiness levels and likelihood of success.

Writer and runner William Pullen on harnessing mindful running to be more effective: 1.15pm-2pm, Wednesday 1 February
Anyone who has ever gone for a run, jog or even a walk knows that uplifting, happy feeling they get at the end of their journey.  Some call it the 'runner's high', others put it down to endorphins. In this talk, William Pullen will teach you how to focus that incredible energy to experience our emotions in motion.

Artist Liz West on Our Colour Reflection
Set within the ground floor lobby of Exchange House, Our Colour Reflection by Liz West is a vibrant and thought-provoking artwork. In this talk, Liz will explain how this stunning piece came together and discuss how she channels her creativity to maximum effect in order to grow her studio and gain important national commissions. 

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