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Christmas is a time for traditions, and whilst last year looked a little different, there are some things that never change. In the spirit of the festive season, London comes to life as we celebrate the lead up to Christmas. Streets are strung with twinkling lights, bustling with Christmas markets, and – most exciting for us – filled with delicious food and drink. Curated by our experts at Eataly, our assortment of unique culinary gifts will open the door to Italy through our high-quality Italian products. Choose from our wrapped and ready hampers and gift boxes, or explore the abundance of individual products, from fine chocolates to premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and the king of Christmas, panettone!

Christmas gifts at Eataly



Classes at La Scuola di Eataly

Enjoy a wide selection of cooking, tasting and hand-on classes alongside our Italian food and wine experts, for beginners or enthusiasts.

Cooking supplies at Eataly


Guided Tours

A journey to discover the best of Eataly, and eat, shop and learn in our world of Italian gastronomy. One of our guided tours is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Italian food and wine culture and the incredible biodiversity of Italy.



At Eataly London we have a range of event spaces available for companies and individuals, and a team of experts dedicated to the preparation of each phase of the event. A few examples? Christmas parties and dinners with live music, breakfast meetings, team building and show cooking, workshops, wine tastings and much, much more.

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Eataly Gift Cards

Eataly gift cards are available to purchase in our store and can be loaded with any value of your choice. These can be used in our market, restaurants & cooking classes.

Eataly gift cards


Hamper Range

1 | Panettone & Bubbles Small £29.90

2 | Pistachio Lover Medium £49.90

3 | Treat Them With Truffle Medium £69.90

4 | Discover Eataly Large £79.90

5 | The Ultimate Italian Christmas Large £129.90

The Ultimate Italian Christmas

Make it extra special with our Bespoke Hampers. Find out more by emailing


Wine Cellar

Do you want to give a special wine? An exclusive package? An Italian beer? We’ve got you covered! More than 2,000 labels and prestigious brands to choose from. Visit the largest Italian wine shop in London for a gift of taste!


Panettone & Pandoro

The story of Panettone

In the 15th-century, the Duke of Milano, Ludovico il Moro, threw a magnificent Christmas Eve feast for all of his royal court. The time came for the final dessert course, but ... the head pastry chef, distracted by a forbidden romance with a nobleman’s beautiful wife, left the dessert to be burned to a crisp. All he had to work with was a few scraps of orange peels, some raisins, and leftover dough from the dessert that had been resting for three days. He added the remaining sugar and butter to the cured dough, dotted it with the citrus and raisins, and tossed the mixture in round pans and into the oven. Rich yet fluffy, the sweet dome-shaped loaf was such a success across the court that the Duke called the pastry chef back into the hall to praise him. Amid applause, the pastry chef admitted that it was the pane di Toni (Toni’s bread) which eventually became known as panettone.

The story of Pandoro

In Verona, Pandoro, or “golden bread,” was enjoyed by the Venetian aristocracy as early as the 18th century. Thanks to a prosperous spice trade, powdered sugar began replacing honey as a sweetener in desserts. Pandoro is made from a rich, eggy dough, with a texture that resembles that of French brioche. The recipe for Pandoro was perfected in the Venetian city of Verona. The shape of the cake is modelled after the mountains outside of the city. A dusting of powdered sugar over this dome-shaped cake creates the wintry effect of a snow-topped mountain.

Panettone & Pandoro Gifting

At Eataly we have more than 40 varieties of panettone and pandoro available in store. Take a look at our selection below which are available to order in large quantities - the perfect Italian gift for all.

Christmas Panetone from Eataly


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