Exceptional Individuals

Exceptional Individuals is a social enterprise and the first free support service to provide
employment opportunities exclusively for dyslexic and neurodivergent people throughout the UK.

1. What is your organisation called and what does it do?  
We are a social enterprise and the first free support service to provide employment opportunities exclusively for dyslexic and neurodivergent (ND) people throughout the UK.
Founded in 2014 we believe employers are missing out on the unique talents of dyslexic and neurodivergent individuals through inadequate employment procedures and current recruitment policies.
80% of our team are either Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, ADHD or autistic, we believe lived experience is vital to educating others about the benefits of neurodiversity.

Our Vision is to create understanding, opportunities and an inclusive culture for neurodiverse individuals everywhere. We want to inspire people through our own examples and life experiences. We want to be accessible to anyone who wants to better themselves and the world around them.

Our Mission is that Exceptional Individuals provides consulting, recruitment and employment
support to employers and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. We provide the benefit of lived experience and are passionate about creating wider employment opportunities and better understanding and appreciation for neurodiverse individuals everywhere.

2. What are the biggest challenges your organisation faces – now and in the coming years?
14 % of the UK population are considered to be neurodiverse but still many employers ignore it as it is often invisible. Our biggest challenge is communicating to the employers the importance of including Neurodiversity in their agendas and making them understand the many business benefits there are from having Neurodivese individuals included in their workforce.

3. What is your organisation’s relationship with Broadgate?
We have been based in Broadgate for 3 years and are keen to support community and their ND staff in any way possible. 

4. Please can you describe something that you’ve learnt or that has surprised you during the COVID-19 crisis, if anything?
The power of community and how important it is to actively stay in touch with other members of the community. How quickly our staff have adapted to working from home and how we can still have such a big impact.

5. How can Broadgate and the businesses based here best support you – now and longer term?
We would love to work with business based at Broadgate, we run workshops and seminars and hope to do them on campus over the coming months, years. We are also always looking for mentors for our beneficiaries, so if other business have any volunteer days we would love them to be involved.

6. What message do you most want businesses at Broadgate to remember from your blog?
Neurodiverse individuals will benefit their workforce through their unique skillsets and different ways of thinking.

7. What are your hopes for the future?
That neurodiversity is seen as an asset to all workforces and employers truly understand the benefits of hiring this often misunderstood community.

If you would like to get in contact or find out more information about Exceptional Individuals please visit their website




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