In conversation with artist Jeanette Barnes

Jeanette Barnes captures the spirit of urban life and city landscapes - with her exhibition Urban Connections currently on display at the first and second floor lobby spaces of the Broadgate Tower until 10 February.

Rosie: It’s amazing to have so many of your works on display at the Broadgate Tower, tell me more about their themes...

Jeanette: Well the exhibition is really all about city life. I’m fascinated by the sense of excitement that represents the urban experience and relish the constant changes to be found within the environment. Also, I love capturing the architecture of differing eras and thinking about how cities renew themselves time and time again.

Rosie: And the history?

Jeanette: Yes, the incredible link to the past which can be found just beneath the surface of our daily existence is something that’s always been of great interest to me and, in fact, some of the pieces in this show are linked to this theme. Some even include ancient objects found near the Thames - it’s amazing to think of people living and working in and around this city over the centuries!

Rosie: Your works convey real energy. Do you work from life?

Jeanette: Yes, getting into buildings and finding the best vantage points from which to sketch is a real treat for me. I spend a lot of time watching the flow of people as they criss cross the streets and animate the spaces between the buildings with constant movement.

Rosie: Sounds great, it would be really good to hear more about the way you work.

Jeanette: Well it’s pretty hectic, I spend a lot of time changing my ideas once they are on the paper, layering the marks and dismissing combinations before I am happy with the result. 

Saturday 19 November | The Broadgate Tower | 12-4pm

Free access 

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