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It’s been a tough 12 months and, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that taking care of our mental and physical health is essential. But making time for yourself and those around is easier said than done… With this in mind, Broadgate have teamed up with four experts to present a series of online lunchtime wellbeing tutorials via Zoom designed to help you navigate anxiety, embrace calm and boost your immune system via exercise and rest.

From family self-care and your own wellbeing and health to preparing for a return to office life, each of these webinars will offer useful techniques and explore practical steps to boost you both mentally and physically as we move into spring.

Family Self Care (via Zoom)
Thursday 25 February

Image of Suzy

In times of uncertainty, our children look to us for safety and security. We need tools and practices to nourish the family unit, which in turn help boost collective calm, harmony and mental health.

This webinar introduces the concept of self-care to your children and you’ll take away a practical toolkit to navigate challenging emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness and be better placed to move forward with greater connection, calm and ease for you and your family.

Delivered by leading Work Well Being’s self-care expert Suzy who is both a chartered psychologist and yoga teacher, the aim of this class is to empower you with concepts and practices that include mindfulness, emotional agility, growth mindset, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga.

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Getting Back On Track With Health (via Zoom)
Thursday 18 March

Clarissa Lenherr
Has the pandemic had an adverse affect on your eating habits? With dramatic changes to our routine coupled with the added stress and anxiety of recent times, it’s easy to understand why this might be reflected in our approach to eating.

This webinar looks at the best ways to set up productive routines, implement sustainable habits and introduce small but significant changes to keep on track.  Additionally, there’ll be tips on how to support your immune system and weight management strategies for reducing any quarantine weight gain.  

Participants will leave the webinar inspired and motivated to get back on track with healthy eating, with a toolkit of practical ways to achieve this. 

This session is delivered by Clarissa Lenherr of Work Well Being. Clarissa is a registered and qualified Nutritionist and uses her extensive knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of nutrition.

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Ease Your Way Back Into The Office (via Zoom)
Date TBC

Steph Peltier

Returning to the office is going to be a challenge for many of us. A recent survey from CIPD revealed that two out of five people are already experiencing anxiety just at the thought of having to go back to the office. This anxiety is not just linked to the Covid risks associated with reduced social distancing (including using public transport and our colleagues’ proximity), it also stems from additional changes outside of our control, the uncertainties ahead of us and the idea that we might lose certain qualities of life we’ve become accustomed to.

This workshop helps to identify the triggers for stress and anxiety related to coming back to the office – and explores techniques to diffuse them or adapt and respond to them in a creative way for our wellbeing and performance.

This workshop is deeply anchored in science and participants will leave the workshop with a greater sense of confidence and calm around an impending return to office life.

This session is led by Steph Peltier of Work Well Being. Steph is a leading expert in the Science of Happiness and a certified Mindfulness and Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) coach.

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