Landscaping changes around Finsbury Avenue Square

As part of the Broadgate redevelopment works at 1 Broadgate, 13 trees are being removed from Finsbury Avenue and Eldon Street. 

Which trees are being removed?
13 trees in total are being removed: 11 trees on Finsbury Avenue and 2 trees on Eldon Street. All trees to be removed have been surveyed by an ecologist and all are of moderate quality or lower.

Why are we removing them?
These trees need to be removed to allow the redevelopment of 1 Broadgate which we plan to start in 2020. We are working in accordance with planning permission.

When are they being removed?
The first stage of the removal process took place in November 2019 with the second stage occurring in February 2020 to remove any remaining trees and stumps.

What about wildlife?
The bird nesting season finished at the end of August and removal of the trees is occurring after this time. Ecological surveys have also been undertaken in advance to check that no birds are nesting and that there is no risk to bats.

Will you replace the trees?
Yes. Planning permission has been granted on the basis of 16 trees replacing the 13 trees which will be removed. All existing trees will be replaced with mature specimens, repositioned to create an avenue atmosphere. The wood chips produced from the removal of the trees will be donated for use at Whipsnade Zoo. Please see the above visual which shows our exciting vision for the future. We will transform Finsbury Avenue with new trees, planters, landscaping and mixed planting


Artwork Changes

Bellepheron Taming Pegasus sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973) has been temporarily removed from the Pocket Park on Finsbury Avenue to facilitate the installation of a temporary UKPN substation used for the enabling works package for 1 Broadgate. The sculpture will be safely stored off-site for the duration of the 1 Broadgate development and will be re-instated in the same location following practical completion of the works in 2025.

Rush Hour, another popular sculpture previously located on the Broadgate Campus has also been temporarily removed and is being stored offsite. 


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