MQ: Transforming Mental Health exhibition

Discover the MQ: Transforming Mental Health exhibition, a series of photographs which has been touring the UK for 18 months and for now, resides in 10 Exchange House reception. 

The exhibition, which is part of MQ’s 'We Swear' campaign, is emotive photography that profiles celebrities, campaigners and business people, all showing how they feel about the current situation regarding mental health. The collection portrays frustration, disappointment, but most importantly defiance and determination to bring about change surrounding mental health. 

The message of their campaign is one MQ hope will make people not just stop and take notice, but stop and take action, whether personally or in the workplace. Swearing perfectly encompasses how so many feel about the state of mental healthcare today. But through investment in research, this can be changed.

See the full exhibition in the lower reception area of 10 Exchange House before it departs for its new destination. 

Ways you can help support MQ: 

  1. Learn more about MQ Mental Health
  2. Help them fund more research here
  3. Follow them, @MQmentalhealth and tell the world why you're swearing for mental health using #WeSwear

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