National Apprenticeship Week

Monday 8 to Sunday 14 February marks National Apprenticeship Week 2021, a Government initiative focusing on how employers train, retain and achieve with apprenticeships.

This year’s theme of ‘Build the Future’ is very apt for British Land, so we wanted to share the story of one of our very own apprentices currently working at Broadgate.

Amy is 24 and has been working for British Land for just over a year within the Asset Management team at Broadgate. Here is the story of her apprenticeship journey so far.

How did you discover the apprenticeship?

I was going through a bit of a career change, I was initially a chef but found I had lost my passion for cooking; however, I realised that I was very organised, enjoyed planning and setting up events, computer-based tasks and that I would maybe like to try an office-based job.

So, I started applying for roles even though I didn’t have much experience working in an office. I considered apprenticeships and was going through the government website when I came across one advert for Multiverse (Formerly WhiteHat). I applied and they contacted me to start a kick-off day which involved, talking through the qualification, setting up my profile to allow myself to apply for apprenticeships and meeting other future apprentices. Once this was done, I could then start applying for roles.

What interested you about BL / Broadgate?

Property was something I had never considered before; however, reading into BL there was lots of history behind the company, which for me personally I always think is great because it shows how established they have become. They also feature on the FTSE100.

I also saw it as an opportunity to expand my property knowledge skills and work towards a qualification in business admin. BL offered great benefits and there was the added bonus of it being a dog friendly office! British Land also interested me as their website and social network showed that there is a great culture in place and that they acknowledge people for good work, something I hadn’t received much of before in previous chef roles.

What have you learnt whilst being an apprentice?

I have learnt to always ask questions if you are unsure on things, it’s better to ask than to just dig yourself a hole. I have learned that you can be capable of doing anything. I have discovered the art of networking and communicating with my apprentice community and how these can benefit in the future if you are maybe looking for new job prospects or maybe need to find out info somewhere. I have learnt a variety of skills within my job role especially IT which I have built on throughout my apprenticeship. I have also learnt about business and how organisations function and what factors they have to consider through assignments I have completed.

Any advice for future apprentices?

Go for it!
If you are considering University but still unsure, look at apprenticeships. They can offer great pay packages along with education and learning about a certain industry and company. You can meet great people along the way and actually surprise yourself with what you might be capable of.


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