The Authentic Project

Come and join The Authentic Project as they discuss the topic of 'Mental Health and the Freelance Life' with an amazing panel.

With the focus on mental health growing daily in many sectors, the awareness of the mental health of those who work for themselves is not growing quite so fast. Whether this is because we live in a society where (for some crazy reason) people don't communicate with each other, and therefore support is only available to the people who have the courage to open up; or perhaps freelancers bury their anxieties and worries for fear of being judged as ungrateful for not appreciating the amazingness of working for yourself.

Whilst being your own boss can be empowering & freeing, it also comes with a lot of challenges, and not always of the physical kind. There is very little focus on the mental challenges freelancers face on a daily basis. Being freelance or self-employed frequently means a lot of time spent working alone, resulting in increased rates of loneliness; long working days and weeks, leading to burn out; and the inability to say, ‘no’ for fear of never working again!!!

Anxiety and the pressure to be super successful and rich within the first month of working for yourself is resulting in many freelancers never feeling ‘good enough’.

The Authentic Project are here to open up the conversation between freelancers so that they no longer feel alone and unsupported, and to share tips and tricks to maintain a healthy and positive mindset so that freelancers are able to thrive in the unpredictable world of 'the freelance life'.

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