The New Normal

The New Normal is a charity set up to help connect young adults who are struggling with grief following bereavement. Their goal is to reach as many people who need support as they can, providing the space for those who need it most.

We spoke to co-founder, Ben May.

Ben said: "We want to reach as many people who need us as we can, making sure we can help people outside of major towns and cities and providing the space for those who need it most.  

This pandemic in some ways has amplified the impact of loss from others on our own experiences and it's surprising how triggering news reporting has become for so many. As a charity we have been able to connect with our users through video meetings and calls. The number of people suffering is huge. Though people may not be losing someone new, they are experiencing a reoccurrence of their own grief from watching so much death around them and in the wider community. 

We want people to know that in their darkest moments we are always there to offer the support they need and that they are never alone in their grief journey.  

We want to normalise conversations around grief and for people to acknowledge their sadness and be open and honest about how they feel as a consequence of their loss, and in return for their family, friends and co-workers to be able to listen and not feel uncomfortable.

The New Normal was created by friends who had a common interest and that was to simply talk about the fathers they had lost. In having these honest and open discussions they realised the impact that their conversations had on one another. In realising this the support groups were formed for adults to share openly and honestly without judgment just how they felt and what they were experiencing. We, as a charity, endeavour to give that platform to whomever seeks it and needs it."

If you would like to get in contact or find out more information about 'The New Normal' please visit their website.

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