Your Wellbeing

It, quite possibly, has never been as important as it is right now to look after and prioritise your own wellbeing. We thought we’d take a moment to share some tips and advice on what’s getting us through these challenging days in the hope you find it useful. 

We’ll be adding to this page with your suggestions, so do send them in, to, and check back here whenever you need.

We’d love to hear from you about the ways you are looking after yourselves. Whatever snippets you can share we’re certain will help someone else in the Broadgate community.

Keep active

Whatever size your house is, getting a little bit of exercise every day, will go a long way to helping you maintain a healthy outlook. Boxmind are helping you to stay active with their online Yoga, HIIT Boxing, Barre class and many more classes via Zoom. Sign up for online workout on using the Activation Code: BMONLINE.

If you are missing your usual Virgin Active class then check out their Instagram feed and website for regular workouts. If Yoga is more your thing, then Tam Tam Yoga is running a daily class at 11am every day.

Stay calm and centred

VSM Lifecoaching has published a guide to 'Staying Sane in the New Normal', with eight coaching exercises to stay calm and centred in the chaos, and work from home without losing your mind! Download for free here

Stick to a routine
Working from home makes it all too easy to slip into bad habits. Switching on the laptop first thing and continuing to work until late into the evening can take some discipline to avoid. Setting yourself working hours and regular breaks for food, water and exercise must be a priority if you’re to keep your world in balance.

Dress for success
It might sound odd, but the old adage ‘dress for the job you want’ still applies at home. Try it. Instead of spending the day in your pjs, set the alarm that little bit earlier tomorrow, and put something on you’d usually wear to the office. We guarantee it will change your attitude to the day.

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