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Critical thinking, cognitive agility and creativity are three key skills the World Economic Forum claims are essential for the future. In our two-week pop-up, we’re looking at how food could help enhance these skills and give you that competitive edge.

What’s in The Space?

From Monday 22 July-Friday 2 August, The Space | 3FA will be offering you the chance to boost your brainpower and find out the truth behind the science. Drop-in between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday to test our brain training exercises, try out an EEG headset, and pick up a specially designed recipe, created with neuroscience and nutrition in mind, by chef Nurdin Topham.

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What else is happening?
We’ve created a host of activities, exclusively for the people who work within the buildings at Broadgate, to explore how else you can train your brain, including:

Mental fitness - fuel for the mind
Tuesday 23 July, 1-2pm

Discover the proven tools to reduce stress, boost motivation and improve cognitive flexibility. Developed from the latest research in the field of positive psychology, this session will leave you with a greater sense of focus, adaptability and inspiration for the day ahead. Take time out this lunchtime to learn how to stretch your communication skills, flex your mindfulness muscles and strengthen your motivation.
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Food for thought
Thursday 25 July, 1-2pm

When fast food and lunch meetings rule the day, we rarely take the time to sit down and enjoy our food. This isn't just starving us of the pleasure of taste, but can also limit our body's capacity to absorb vital ingredients from the food, which can lead to us overeating. Join us in this session to explore why eating mindfully is so important to ensure we get the most out of our food to fuel our minds, and make us feel happier. As the Spanish proverb says: "the belly rules the mind".
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Improve your mind, body and soul
Tuesday 30 July, 1-2pm

Want to kick your bad habits for good? Most of us know how it feels when we fail to keep to our healthy habits. It can lead to a downward spiral of negativity, impacting our mood and productivity. In this workshop, we will explore what is stopping you from making the changes you want to make, and we will build your own personal plan to start taking daily steps towards your healthier self. We'll give you the tools and confidence to make those changes habits, so you can enjoy the high of feeling virtuous, and the long-term benefits of improved health in mind, body and soul.
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Mental fitness - food for the mind (breakfast session)
Wednesday 31 July, 8-9.30am

Start your day on a high with this interactive breakfast food demo and tasting. We will explore how to combine the top superfoods for brain health to create delicious and satisfying breakfasts for everyday. You will walk away nourished and inspired by this fresh perspective on nutrition and brain health, so you can fuel your mind every day.
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Mental Fitness - Sleep for Brain Health
Thursday 1 August, 1-2pm

Whether you're a suffering insomniac, or wake up craving an extra hour in bed, your mood, productivity, digestion and health could all benefit from more restorative sleep. Restless nights result in reduced cognitive function, heightened emotions and lowered immunity. This workshop introduces techniques and habits to promote a more restful sleep (even if limited) and tips to increase energy after a sleepless night. We will cover the relationship between sleep, stress and wellbeing along with lifestyle and dietary tips to support better sleep quality and ensure you walk away with practical tools to optimise your sleep to boost your mind.
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Wait, there's more?
Panel discussion with our experts and volunteers

Alongside our two-week pop-up, we've been running an experiment with three willing volunteers from within the buildings at Broadgate. They are currently in the midst of two-week challenge to put the theory to the test. Following vigorous testing with the help of our leading experts, they were each given a bespoke diet plan to see if certain foods really could improve their mental performances. Click here to find out what they agreed to

They will be returning, alongside Katherine Templar Lewis, Creative Scientist & Futurist, and Zita Eva Patai, Neuroscientist, to host a panel discussion in The Space | 3FA on Wednesday 31 July to share their results. Come along, to find out more about what they did, what they learned and, most importantly, if it worked. 
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Let them eat... performance-enhancing food.
It would hardly be fair to tell you all about our performance-enhancing foods without giving you the opportunity to try some. Which is why we are going to host an Optimal Supper Club on Thursday 1 August.
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22 July 2019 - 2 August 2019
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