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This month’s volunteering positions



If you’re a Broadgate resident, you may be able to access some of the following volunteering opportunities.*

Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining ELBA then please contact [email protected].

*Opportunities will be offered on a needs basis and will be at the discretion of ELBA staff.

Employment opportunities

Supporting Young Black Men into professional careers

The Parity project connects young black men aged 18-30 to professional careers via our links to the City and Canary Wharf. We are currently recruiting volunteers to help us in a capacity that is best suited to your skills, whether that is to mentor an individual on a regular basis, support events as a speaker, ad hoc job applications and assessment coaching support, providing work experience opportunities, or something else. We are particularly keen to recruit business volunteers to mentor candidates at your place of work, at least twice a month, face to face, supported by phone calls/emails. This would be for a three-month long relationship.

If you are interested in mentoring a Parity candidate, or want to help in any other way, please request an application form from [email protected] (reference: Parity Mentor).

Financial Capability training for low-income employees

We are looking for volunteers throughout 2018 to support with the delivery of our CashWise project. The aim of the project is to support employees on developing a better understanding and confidence, covering a number of financial topics, products and tools. The project is delivered through a number of workshops lasting only 1 hour at a time. We ask for a commitment of one workshop initially but would welcome people to return to deliver more.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Education opportunities

Careers Master Class at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form is looking for speakers to share career journeys and industry insight with their young students. Presentations will take place during the induction for the new sixth form intake on Monday 3 September from 11am-1:30pm. The session will be for one hour then repeated for a second group. The session should include a short interactive exercise to help students gain an insight into the skills needed by professionals within the industry being discussed. ELBA will provide a guide / template to follow and a briefing in-person or on the phone beforehand.

Volunteers for this opportunity will develop public speaking and presentation skills.

Contact: [email protected] / 020 7068 6951 / 07535 625 472

Career Insight Visit: host a visit and inspire the next generation on 10 July

A Career Insight Visit is a half day session held at your place of business hosting a group of 14 to 16-year-olds.

This provides them with an insight into the world of work and supports them to develop their employability skills. These sessions have fun, interactive team building activities and allow students and volunteers to learn from one another.

10 July, 10:30am-2:30pm at your offices.

Volunteers for this opportunity will develop: leadership, presentation, confidence and communication skills.

Contact: [email protected] / 07534 113 375

Opportunities for September onwards

Would you like to book in a skilled volunteering team day out, working with students on their enterprise skills, or perhaps host a group of young school prefects to teach them about leadership skills? We have a range of workshops that would suit your needs that we can book in for the next academic year. Get in touch to find out more.

Contact: [email protected] / 07534 113 375

If you have a team interested in doing a skills-based team day this summer, contact Kerry to see if we have other opportunities available: contact: [email protected] / 07534 113 375

Community opportunities

HR support – Help local employees with employee rights at work

Luminary Bakery is looking for a volunteer to support a small group of beneficiaries on employee rights at work. Several of Luminary’s beneficiaries have recently experienced issues with their new employers in the initial weeks of gaining employment, including not being paid on time. This opportunity is suitable for a volunteer with specific HR worker’s rights knowledge and a passion to support women’s rights. This is a one-off opportunity that will take only one to two hours and is suitable for one to two volunteers. Ideally to take place on a Thursday in Hackney. Sounds like the opportunity for you?

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Experienced mentor needed for community professional.

Dujon, Project Manager of the Homerton Hub team, Hackney, requires a mentor to assist him in developing the employment and skills service in east Hackney, to develop and progress his team members, and help him to achieve his personal and professional goals. Homerton Hub support some of the hardest to reach residents in the borough in Hackney to increase their employability skills. Dujon is passionate about developing his team, helping local people achieve their employment goals, and forging stronger links with senior management. Dujon is looking for a mentor who can provide knowledge transfer and strategic guidance to help him achieve these goals.

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Support Red Sea Eritrean Language School to gain charitable status

For more than five years, Red Sea Eritrean Language School has supported young east Londoners of Eritrean heritage to learn Tigrigna. The Sunday school also acts as a meeting place for parents who volunteer their time to support their children’s studies and so the sessions provide a vital community function. Events celebrating Eritrean culture are held frequently. The founder of Red Sea is looking for volunteers that can assist him to formally register as a charity. The organisation is currently a company limited by guarantee which makes accessing essential funding extremely difficult. Gaining charitable status would enable the founder to apply for funding to expand the organisation and deliver additional services. Volunteers do not need to have third sector expertise, just a willingness to research the process and assist the founder to complete the necessary paperwork.

Contact [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Mentor needed to help community champion achieve goals.

Nasima, Employment Adviser for Homerton Hub, Hackney, requires a mentor to help her navigate the next steps in her career journey. Nasima’s job is demanding, supporting clients from the east parts of Hackney to find work, alongside having a long commute each day and raising a family, finding time and head space to concentrate on her own development is proving challenging. Also, within her job role, Nasima wishes to continue to progress her skills to assist her clients however she has reached hurdles that are proving difficult to jump over. Can you provide your coaching and mentoring support to a community professional achieve her goals?

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Business professional required for coaching and mentoring

Ryan, Employment Information and Guidance Officer for Homerton Hub, is in need of a business professional to become his mentor. Ryan supports a caseload of clients to achieve their employability and employment goals. Homerton Hub support some of the hardest to reach residents in the borough of Hackney to increase their employability skills. Ryan requires assistance to learn more about the range of jobs, careers and opportunities that exist in the corporate sector, alongside helping him to think about his own career progression and achieving personal goals. Ready to provide your mentoring skills to benefit the local community?

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Passionate for leadership and learning development? Hackney CVS needs you!

Hackney CVS is a not-for-profit umbrella organisation that supports local community groups by advocating on behalf of the voluntary sector. It works with the local authority and a range of funders to make Hackney a fairer place. Hackney CVS is looking for a volunteer to help it develop a new learning and development strategy to develop the skills and careers of its staff members. This opportunity is for a volunteer with experience/qualifications in HR and a passion for leadership development of staff members within an organisation.

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Trustees needed for local Hackney children’s charity!

Children with Voices (CWV) supports children in Hackney, teaching and promoting positive life skills. CWV delivers a number of projects including Jumping Beans! For ages 5 years to 11 years, providing affordable child care in the school holidays. Jumping Beans also aims to address early interventions, tackling childhood obesity, gang crime and postcode wars. CWV is now looking for a new chair, secretary and trustee to join its board and to help take the charity on to the next stages of its growth and progression. Can you contribute your governance and business skills to support the local community?

Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105

Marketing maestro required

Bootstrap is a charity that develops and manages workspace and provides support for creative and social entrepreneurs. It is currently a community of more than 200 creative and commercial businesses, social enterprises and charities in Dalston, Hackney and runs two free enterprise training programmes for young people. Bootstrap is aiming to develop new marketing capabilities and is looking for volunteers who can help them devise a strategy which will take them forward. They would like to focus on defining who they are/where they are going and how to best communicate with their audience.

Contact: [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Could you help an organisation to improve their gender equality?

A fantastic East London community organisation is keen to find a volunteer who can support them to develop their Gender Representation Plan. The organisation has identified a gender imbalance in senior roles and would like to address this with the support of a volunteer who has relevant expertise. The CEO has already drafted a proposal so the volunteer would be required to review the document and offer feedback. This could be done in east London or in central London or the City, if that is preferable for the volunteer. This is a short-term opportunity which will provide valuable support to an organisation delivering much needed services to the east London community.

Contact: [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Legal, accounting or HR advice needed for a unique creative community project

Craftory Workshop is an exciting new not-for-profit initiative which brings together local creative people in a unique community space. The founders of Craftory Workshop have transformed a community hall, which had been unoccupied for fifteen years, and reopened it as a creative hub which local residents can access in a variety of engaging ways. Craftory Workshop are in need of legal or finance professionals who can assist them to:

  • Better understand how to complete their tax returns (Not-for-profit CLG)
  • Ensure that their insurance covers all intended uses of the building
  • Review their contracts with directors, employees, tenants, volunteers and other businesses

Contact: [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Hard Drive hero required to save 15 years of work!

A fantastic Newham-based charity that provides essential services tackling food poverty, is looking for a volunteer to take on the challenge of saving 15 years’ worth of electronically stored information. The CEO of the organisation had kept all of his work from the past 15 years on a hard drive and had failed to back it up. The hard drive suddenly stopped working and he is now desperate to access the information on it but does not know how to do so. If you think that you have the skills to take on the challenge of rescuing the information and gaining legendary status at this charity, then this is the opportunity for you.

Contact: [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Website wizards needed!

Bootstrap is a charity that develops and manages workspace and provides support for creative and social entrepreneurs. It is currently a community of more than 200 creative and commercial businesses, social enterprises and charities in Dalston, Hackney, and runs two free enterprise training programmes for young people. Bootstrap is keen to create a new website and is looking for volunteers to help them to do so. The goal is to show Bootstrap’s complex environment and different range of activities to different audiences in a clear way. They would like the site to be WordPress based, easy to make changes and better designed. Bootstrap’s current site can be viewed at:
Contact: [email protected] / 07950 750 792

Love Hackney and want to inspire its young men to succeed?

Young Hackney’s Inspiring Young Men event is set to return. On 2 October, up to 100 young men from schools in Hackney will attend a panel and networking event and they want to hear from you. The event runs from 12pm-4pm in Hackney and you will be required to talk to the young people through panel discussions, networking sessions and interactive activities, sharing your career experiences. This opportunity is for male volunteers, only.

Inspired to take part? Contact: [email protected] / 07932 068 105